Cluster Crowd - Brainstorming Platform

Cluster Crowd is a platform designed to generate ideas with help from the crowd (crowd sourcing of ideas). This platform interlinks the philosophies of open innovation, flocking behaviour and social media. A crowd of fewer than 25,000 people supports your process of idea generation. We attend to you and support you throughout the entire process: from the definition of the problem at hand to the selection of the preferred idea. Thanks to our knowledge and experience, we also handle the realisation of the innovation for you all the way to market implementation.


Reference projects include, among others:

Parkeon - A parking meter you love

The question concerning how a parking meter could be designed to be more attractive has generated 578 ideas at the Cluster Crowd.

Consulting Cluster - Innovation Champion

In the context of this project, 330 ideas were generated on the topic of “How can Swiss SME’s become more innovative”.

EU project ELMO’s - e-Mobility - My added value

Here, the focus was on the question of the value added when purchasing an electromobile.

eGov-Switzerland - name your future online service

The search for a name for an eGovernment service resulted in the generation of 572 ideas.